March 10, 2019
SOD Paraffin Series Championships

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****NO Day-of registration – register online by March 8th before midnight****

 Sign-in opens at 9:30am –  Course inspection at 10:30 – Qualifying runs start at 11am

Video of the 2015 event!
Video of the 2014 event!

Photos of the 2015 event!
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How does it work?
Sprint races with a twist – climb up, race down, all in, elbows out!
The course will include features such as jumps, banked turns and rollers.

But I don’t want to hit jumps?

The jumps are all designed to be roll-over/tabletops. It won’t be as fast, but you can slow down and ski over them.
Still adverse to jumping? New to the idea? Check out the beginner division where you’ll ski a toned down course.

What do I get with my entry?

– Guaranteed 3 runs: time trial qualifier + single elimination format, with consolation heats.
– Draw prizes for all entrants.
– Enjoy spring skiing with music, fun times, and high-octane racing!

Schedule of Events:
Sign-in opens at 9:30am –  Course inspection at 10:30 – Qualifying runs start at 11am 12:30 heats begin
(time required for qualifiers and heats will depend on number of entrants)
Awards presentation ASAP after the completion of the races.

SOD Paraffin Series Participation:
The Mountainview Nordic Ski Cross is part of the 2019 SOD Race Series.  The following categories are included in the SOD Race Series, in order to earn SOD Championship points:

Atom boys and girls (2011 and younger)

Pee Wee boys and girls (2009 and 2010)

Mini-Midget boys and girls (2007 and 2008)          

Midget boys and girls (2005 and 2006)

Juvenile boys and girls (2003 and 2004)

Junior boys and girls (2001 and 2002)      

Junior men and women (1999 and 2000)             

Open (1989-1998) & Masters men and women (1988 and older)

In addition there will be an open-age Beginner category, for less serious and new skiers. This category will not earn SOD points, but will still receive podium awards and draw prizes! This category will race on a shorter, less technical course.   

 A Word on Safety:
The priorities of this race: 1) Stay safe. 2) Have fun. 3) Go Fast.
In that order. All racers agree to abide by these rules (click to read) in addition to typical cross-country event rules.
Ski Waxing Protocol:
This race is a part of the SOD Paraffin Race Series. In order to increase accessibility of the sport,
focus on athlete development, and reduce costs, no glide waxes with fluorocarbons are
permitted. No Low Fluoro wax, High Fluoro wax, powders, hardeners, or gels are permitted.
This restriction applies to all categories, including Open and Masters.

Atom/Peewee – $25
All other categories – $30