Ski Cross Rules

In addition to the typical rules of any cross-country skiing event, there are rules specific to ski cross which must be followed for the safety of all skiers.

FIS Rule 4508.1 Intentional contact by pushing, pulling or holding another competitors’ arm, leg or pole or other means, which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course is not allowed and is an automatic disqualification. A competitor is not allowed to bring their arm, leg or pole in front of another competitors’ body to avoid being passed. Blocking, by intentional movements of the body or leaving the natural skiing line is not allowed.

How this is applied at the Mountainview Nordic Ski Cross:

No blocking is permitted, even if the skier is ‘in front’ of the other skier, any blocking or changing of racing line which “causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course” is considered blocking. The onus is on the lead skier to hold their line through all features.

Racers are encouraged to communicate on course, calling “on your left” or “on your right” etc to let other racers know if they are coming alongside them.