Biathlon Bears

The Biathlon bears program will not run for the 2022-2023 Season


Biathlon Bears is a national program to introduce children from the ages of 8 to 14 to the sport of biathlon. Biathlon is the combination of marksmanship and Nordic skiing. True biathlon uses a highly modified .22 rifle which athletes carry around on their backs while skate skiing a set course. Distances vary based on the skier’s age but after each lap (4 in total), the athlete shoots 5 targets from a distance of 50m in either a standing or a prone position. Athletes must ski a 150m penalty lap per missed target. This makes for a very exciting race with the lead switching constantly. Biathlon Bears use air rifles and a 10m range, shooting from a prone (laying down) position. The skiers do not ski with the rifle, instead it is left at the shooting range. This program has 3 levels of achievement that the individuals strive to accomplish, in both skiing and marksmanship.

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